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Why you should take a break from your career and destress.

Imagine you started your career at 25 and will continue until you are 68. Every year you work 230 days. That makes a total amount of almost 10.000 days you spend at work. In your life, you would have worked for almost 30 whole years, night and day. See, that’s a lot. You have earned it to take a break from your career and start your sabbatical. Luckily, there are more than enough possibilities on how to make the most of your break and get back to work with full charged batteries.

In the following, you will get to know why it’s so important to take your time off.

Never stop learning and exploring

On the one hand, this is important, because it will help you to be open-minded and educated, so that you can better judge and build your own opinions about different - maybe even controversial - topics. First hand experiences are always the best to deliver judgement.

On the other hand, learning new things will keep your brain healthy. The brain is a network of synapses based on the principle of learning. It is a huge storage, that needs to develop and add information for it not to become stunted. Of course, health is the outcome of a successful lifestyle, keeping your mind and your body sane, which brings me to my next point.

Prevent health issues

Burnout gets more and more popular, especially amongst people in their 40ties, 50ties or older. The pressure at work, the competitions with younger, better educated ones put a lot of stress on especially the average employee. In a society where everyone reaches for perfection, it is easy to feel left behind which can cause frustration or even depression. If that happens, you probably won’t be able anymore to fulfill your tasks at work the way you should and you lack the quality of what you are doing. This can start a vicious circle because the stress and pressure will then even increase.

Sport and physical activity can help prevent these symptoms. But what if you are stuck in the office day by day with less time to grab some fresh air or to have a daily pensum of movement? If you don’t manage to have a good work-life-balance, then consider looking into seasonal jobs abroad, like a ski job or farm work, can help widen your horizon and will provide your body with the physical movement, that it needs to be healthy. A job, where you have to move and not think all the time can help, putting a compensation to the brain-focused office job that you are confronted with everyday.

Another good opportunity could be to spend a few weeks at a Yoga-Retreat. There you have a better routine and a good instruction on how you manage your work-life more efficiently and can integrate a sport like yoga to provide a physical compensation for your body.

One Day, Baby, you’ll be old, think about the stories that you could have told...

Have you ever dreamt of going abroad, to work as a teacher, or as an au-pair, but haven’t done it, because there was always a career-step in your way and now you think it’s too late? It is not! You usually only regret the things that you haven’t done in the end, not those that you have at least tried. The experiences that you will make abroad will probably just add on to your career, strengthen your confidence and make you more independent. Also, after years of frequenting your office everyday and fulfilling the same tasks everyday, you have earned it to have some variety in your life.

Taking a break from work doesn't mean that you are weak or lazy, it means that you have decided to listen closer to what you and your body needs to function the right way. This will only add value to your work-life and personal-life.

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