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How do you choose the right retreat?

These days retreats are popping out of the ground like mushrooms. How do you choose the retreat that actually suits you? We’re here to guide you through retreat jungle with a little check list of what to look for when booking a retreat.


Time & date:

Obvious but important! How much time do you have and when can you go? Not all retreats offer retreats throughout the year. Many are pop-ups organized by yoga teachers, chefs, personal trainers and so on. See something or someone you like? Follow them online and see if they might organize a retreat that you can attend!


How much time do you want to spend travelling to the retreat? We all know a retreat should be relaxing, so make sure it is. If you choose to go on a weekend, midweek or week retreat, it might be worth it to look for a retreat that is easy to get to! Check how long the flights (or drive) are, and see how easy it is to get to the retreat from the airport. Many retreats are in remote spots.

Also, when you’re thinking of the location you might want to consider the weather. For instance, when you want to stay (or go to) Europe, but you like warm weather, the south of Spain and Portugal (Algarve) are regions that have the best climates to go to!


What are you looking for in a retreat? There is such a big variety in retreats that it might be easier to decide what you want before Googling. Are you looking for a spiritual healing retreat or maybe a silent retreat? Maybe like us, you like to be active and practice yoga, surfing and finish the day with a glass of wine. That being said, maybe you need a detox or want to loose weight… There are retreats for almost everything!


How much money do you want to spend? Again obvious, are not camps and so cost more. Also they’re not hotels and usually are not being runned as a fulltime job. That being said, here is a little tip from us, based on a lot of feedback we’ve received over the years from guests: look for a retreat that is not being hosted by the same host/owner/teacher throughout the year. A lot of times we hear hosts and teachers get less personal and engaged in these retreats.

Also important to consider:

Other guests:

What kind of people do you like to be around? Very important when you want to book a retreat are the people you spend your week with. You can check this just by emailing. Ask for nationalities, spoken laguage, ages and so on.

Our guests for instance, are usually lovely ladies between 25-50 from north western Europe. The spoken language is always English because we are international.


What vibe are you looking for? People who join our retreats usually say they choose us because it looks luxurious but also laidback and cozy. Maybe you’re looking for a more serious retreat for healing or other purpuses. Send an email to the hosts and check out social media and websites to see what the vibe is and if the communication matches what you’re looking for.


So important! What did other guests think of this retreat? Check out the reviews on TripAdvisor, Google and Facebook.

Social media:

Want to know what retreats look like when they’re being held? Follow the retreats on social media. Check out stories, posts and videos so you get a good look into what is going on!

We hope this blog helped you a little with choosing a retreat in the future!

Want to know more about our retreats? We host several surf and yoga retreats in the Algarve Portugal this year! We’re always right on the ocean and love to have a good time with the whole group!

Love Anna & Jodie

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