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Yoga is not a competition.

Easy to say, harder to practice. We know that yoga is not a competition with others, but remember, it also not a competition with yourself.

Just as you only have encouragement and awe for your fellow yogis in class - the guy next to you who can arm balance first time, the girl who keeps falling in Vrksasana (tree pose) but eventually finds stillness, we need to have the same encouragement and awe in ourselves.

Our bodies behave differently every time we step onto the mat. The trick is to treat our body as the friend it is, encouraging, congratulating, and thanking it as we practice.

Yoga is not a competition with ourselves. Just because last week you could put your head on the floor in Prasarita Padottanasana (wide leg fold) doesn’t mean you must force it to now. Try, yes. Put effort in, yes. But without anger, without frustration, without thought of what happened before. Listen to your body, find your edge, be patient.

Poses come when you are ready, and not when you expect them to. It’s not a performance, there is no end result, there is always more to aim for. Keep practicing, and slowly they will come. As they say,

Practice and all is coming.

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