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Why Portugal is the best destination for surfing and downtime:

To the Sea Retreat - A Surf and Yoga Escape in Portugal

I can’t deny that it isn't a challenge to stay objective when this country has had my heart since I was about 6 years old. But being an experienced traveller and surfer, I might just be able to give a founded opinion and express why this is the ultimate location for an active Retreat.

  1. Sublime and rough coastlines of the Algarve - Portugal

Portugal is a relatively small country but the coastline goes around the entire West and Souths Coasts. All though the West and South coast differ, their most important and magnificent feature is that their beauty is marked in their sublimity, rough and dramatic cliffs alternated with light yellow soft sandy beaches. The greatness off these cliffs and their deep but clear dark blue waters bring an extraordinary feeling of serenity and peace. Whenever I’m surfing here is feels like the ultimate experience.

2. Quite Beaches and a turquoise ocean in the Algarve - Portugal

Although some of Portugal’s beaches are known as famous crowded seaside resorts, you can find quiet and peaceful beaches if you know where to go. For instance, right outside the famous towns of Lagos and Alvor there are these rocky beaches with clear turquoise water and golden cliffs. One of my of personal favourites is Praia do Castelo, where I’ve been coming since I was just a little kid.

3. Fresh Water and serenity in the Algarve - Portugal

Besides the incredible coastline and beaches in Portugal, the reason I enjoy surfing here the most is because of the fresh and clean water. I personally feel that wearing a wetsuit has never decreased my experience of surf because the moment that fresh water splashes in my face I get a feeling of tranquillity and I feel more one with nature then ever.

4. Surfing the Waves in the Algarve - Portugal

The Waves are like the beaches and coastline - they can be tough and unpredictable. But they're relatively close to shore which means you don’t have spaghetti arms by the time you actually want to catch a wave ;). They can also be long (more time actually surfing, great!) and usually have the right speed. To the Sea Retreat is located very favourably to always get the right waves. When the waves get too small at the golden south coast of the Algarve, they hit the west coast with about double the size. Beaches like Arrifana are not even a 30 minute drive. And we’ll drive you there whenever you like.

So summed up for you:

Surfing in Portugal is definitely for you if you love quiet and fresh waters, dramatic cliffs and golden coastlines. Did this blog make you feel all warm inside? Have a look at our lovely To the Sea Retreat and see if we can craft you the perfect surfing and yoga holiday.

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